#46406--Crib Mound-type Cache Blade



#46406--Crib Mound-type Cache Blade

#46406--Crib Mound-type Cache Blade
#46406--Crib Mound-type Cache Blade
#46406--Crib Mound-type Cache Blade
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From a Spencer County, Indiana, estate this Crib Mound-type Hornstone Cache Blade is heavily mussel shell patinated on one face, clean hornstone on the reverse--measures 3&13/16" by 2&15/16", and thickness is 13/16". As the previous owner has been deceased for some years it's not possible to ask if this was part of the 12,000--14,000 Cache Blades found in a massive cache at Crib Mound; the size, material, calcium patina, etc... indicate it was, but from family members I learned that the last owner boated up-and-down the Ohio River to find artifacts. Could he have found this blade as part of a separate cache, sure, so I can only represent the piece with what I can prove. Neat piece, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $5.00, checks are WELCOMED, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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