#45315--Salvaged Indiana Dovetail,colorful



#45315--Salvaged Indiana Dovetail,colorful

#45315--Salvaged Indiana Dovetail,colorful
#45315--Salvaged Indiana Dovetail,colorful
#45315--Salvaged Indiana Dovetail,colorful
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One of the more colorful pieces of Indiana history I can recall--this Dovetail (salvaged base) comes from an old collection gathered along the White River, Daviess County, Indiana.3&1/8" by 1&1/2",the flint is a small Dubois County, Ind. deposit I've heard called "Hillham Flint" for the town the source creek bisects.The stem on this Dovetail has been off since Early Archaic usage, and the modified shoulder is ancient work--was it to re-haft the knife, or was this a perforator? That's one I'm sure collectors would differ on; If the base had been polished instead of slightly sharp edged (on one side), I'd think this new "barb" was to socket a handle. As the edge wasn't polished, the new barb is very, very pointed, would that indicate this was a perforating tool? Possible, but why grind a smooth edge above the new barb--it doesn't seem like it's 'correct' as a shaft straightener. Note the opposite blade edge is only marginally dulled, it's sharp. That'd make rehafting difficult as the cord used to attach the knife to the handle would be easily cut-through. A neat, lifetime guaranteed authentic piece, but without all the answers. Shipping is $4.00 inside the U.S., and checks are preferred, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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