#45285--Creek found Kentucky Lost Lake



#45285--Creek found Kentucky Lost Lake

#45285--Creek found Kentucky Lost Lake
#45285--Creek found Kentucky Lost Lake
#45285--Creek found Kentucky Lost Lake
#45285--Creek found Kentucky Lost Lake
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A FINE looking hornstone Lost Lake Early Archaic point from a creek in Henderson or a nearby Kentucky county. Length is 3&5/16" by1&7/16", with very proportional, uniform thickness 5/16". The base is ground, the blade edges are beveled.Note a small indention for hafting (tie-on) cut into one barb--NOT damage, this is a deliberate notch. The way the tip has a somewhat rounded end the hafted knife had to have been longer in 'first-made' condition--some use shows on the tip, but no real damage.From 7.500 years of creek water flowing over it the flint has a glossy in-hand feel, extra fine, lifetime guaranteed authentic patination. Shipping in the U.S. is $4.00, checks welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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