#45195--Kirk Stemmed, Hornstone



#45195--Kirk Stemmed, Hornstone

#45195--Kirk Stemmed, Hornstone
#45195--Kirk Stemmed, Hornstone
#45195--Kirk Stemmed, Hornstone
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A Kirk Stemmed--Serrated--to some degree, from an old Perry County, Indiana collector.Knowing the family, I know they hunted along the Ohio River, boated from beach-to-beach. This Kirk could have been from the Indiana side or the Meade-Breckinridge, County, Kentucky, side--he didn't mark his collection with inventory numbers. This hornstone Kirk had an Early Archaic-made heat fracture to the tip--the ancient hunter touched the tip damage with pressure chipping, but you can still see where the hafted knife tip was too near a campfire. Hornstone simply shatters if it gets heated quickly.Length is 2&7/16" by 1&1/4", 5/16" at the very thickest spot--very proportional.The stem edges have moderate grinding; overall pressure flaking workmanship is excellent, every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping inside the U.S. is free, and checks welcomed--day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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