#45150--Creek found Kirk Stemmed-Serrated



#45150--Creek found Kirk Stemmed-Serrated

#45150--Creek found Kirk Stemmed-Serrated
#45150--Creek found Kirk Stemmed-Serrated
#45150--Creek found Kirk Stemmed-Serrated
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Found on 2-15-19 this Henderson, Kentucky, area Kirk Stemmed-Serrated is made of a very patinated hornstone, 2&7/16" by 1&1/16". The basal edge shows excellent grinding, even ground on the corner tang chip, so the Kirk must have been re-hafted on a new handle after the chip occurred. One side still has the mud from the creek, no attempt has been made to clean it. Judging by the 5/16" center thickness the blade must have started out much longer, then a number of sharpen-and-use cycles reduced the length. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping in the U.S. is included, checks or M.O.s each receive day=after=receipt shipping--Roy A.

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