#45146--Hornstone Turkey Tail blade, Indiana



#45146--Hornstone Turkey Tail blade, Indiana

#45146--Hornstone Turkey Tail blade, Indiana
#45146--Hornstone Turkey Tail blade, Indiana
#45146--Hornstone Turkey Tail blade, Indiana
#45146--Hornstone Turkey Tail blade, Indiana
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Out of a Vanderburgh County (Evansville) collection, this Preform bi-pointed Turkey Tail blade measures 4&5/16" by 1&3/4", and at its thickest, 7/16". Usually, and that doesn't mean it's always that way, but Turkey Tail preforms weren't used as knives, show resharpening--this one does; there is even a small shaft-scraper indented slightly above the wider end--you can feel work polish there. Slight differences in patination, bleach-out of the Harrison County, Indiana, type hornstone would indicate a later culture, Hopewell or even Mississippian, found-and-used the big preform--five hundred to one thousand years of time difference, the flint didn't have time to weather out again. It DEFINITELY isn't modern chipping. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic and as described. Shipping included (inside the U.S.), and checks welcomed--Roy A.

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