#45085--Indiana McCorkle Early Archaic



#45085--Indiana McCorkle Early Archaic

#45085--Indiana McCorkle Early Archaic
#45085--Indiana McCorkle Early Archaic
#45085--Indiana McCorkle Early Archaic
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Out of the Spencer or Perry County, Indiana, area, this Holland Flint (chalcedony) McCorkle is slightly translucent due to the high silicate material ( found in area creek in the Holland, Indiana, area, hence the name). Length is 1&13/16" by 1&1/4"--a slight stack in the hafting area due to the nature of this flint, 3/8" thickness there, thinning sharply up to the very thin needle-like tip. The bifurcate may have been much longer as first formed some 7,500 YBP.. Decent basal grinding on one thicker lobe, but the other is sharp edged and really thin. A very decent Early Archaic bifurcate, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping (inside the U.S. ) is $4.00, and checks are welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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