#45067-Creek found Indiana FINE grade knife



#45067-Creek found Indiana FINE grade knife

#45067-Creek found Indiana FINE grade knife
#45067-Creek found Indiana FINE grade knife
#45067-Creek found Indiana FINE grade knife
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I watched this piece being found--a creek find from the Pike County--Dubois County, Indiana, area, made from our Harrison County, Indiana, hornstone, just under 3&11/1`6" by 1&5/8", but thickness only reaches 5/16"--a thin and finely chipped profile. Creek mineralization is excellent, there is a strong build-up. Only one blade edge was beveled, pressure flaking, and somewhat out of the ordinary for Early Archaic knives the off-set basal edge is strongly use-polished. For what are generally called "Cobbs knives" the basal edge is seldom ground (or usage worn) smooth. One of the last sharpenings before the piece was lost made a burin (perforator) out of the tip--deliberate, it is in no way damaged. Every conceivable detail of the piece is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping inside the U.S. is $4.00, and checks are preferred over any other payment form--next day after receipt shipping--Roy A.

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