#45030--Indiana hornstone Early Archaic Cobbs



#45030--Indiana hornstone Early Archaic Cobbs

#45030--Indiana hornstone Early Archaic Cobbs
#45030--Indiana hornstone Early Archaic Cobbs
#45030--Indiana hornstone Early Archaic Cobbs
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A very decent piece of hornstone 3.5" by 1.75" with some very skillfully made beveled (pressure flaked) knife blade edges.There is a bit of twist, tip-to-base photos should show it. One note--the surface shine is very high, but neither rubbing alcohol nor nail polish remover cut the shine. Generally speaking, if one of those two agents doesn't remove a glossing agent, the shine is actually part of the flint itself--or comes from many hours of work use. One other note, Cobbs knives, preforms for Dovetails and Lost Lake point forms are hand-held knives, but on either edge, slightly above the bottom edge, are matching smooth-ground 'attachment points"--this knife was hafted. The piece comes from a collection gathered in the Spencer and Perry County, Indiana, area, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping included, checks welcomed--Roy A.

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