#45985--Creek found hornstone MacCorkle



#45985--Creek found hornstone MacCorkle

#45985--Creek found hornstone MacCorkle
#45985--Creek found hornstone MacCorkle
#45985--Creek found hornstone MacCorkle
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A high grade 2" by 1&1/8" MacCorkle point from the streams of southwest Indiana, made from the center of a Harrison County, Indiana, hornstone nodule--note the oblong bullseye on one face. The area is ringed with a vein of quartz. Following what seems to be a pattern on Early Archaic MacCorkle points one basal lobe is squared, one is rounded--there had to be some technical advantage to making the lobes differently, but it's a pattern that's often repeated--with no good explanation I've yet heard.. There is no damage, every detail is patinated, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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