#45638--Creekfound Kentucky Waubesa



#45638--Creekfound Kentucky Waubesa

#45638--Creekfound Kentucky Waubesa
#45638--Creekfound Kentucky Waubesa
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Strong creek patina, this Henderson, Kentucky, area Waubesa is a banded form of hornstone. Most hornstone types you can tell where the flint came from--Harrison County, Indiana flint, for example, but this high silicate flint shows some fossil inclusions--it's from a "lense" or layer of flint, not a nodule. Length is 2&13/16" by 1&3/8"--7/16" center thickness indicates a MUCH larger stage one size; the heavy-worked blade edges indicate the same, this Waubesa had a lot of usage. There is a small flat spot (and a 'stack') at the corner of the base--not damage, but part of the original shape the Hopewell knapper made. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s preferred, day-after-receipt shipping with either one--Roy A.

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