#45600--Creekfound Kentucky Narrow Stem



#45600--Creekfound Kentucky Narrow Stem

#45600--Creekfound Kentucky Narrow Stem
#45600--Creekfound Kentucky Narrow Stem
#45600--Creekfound Kentucky Narrow Stem
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A Hopkins County, Kentucky, area Waubesa (or Narrow Stem Adena) with a really long blade,4&3/8" by 1", and thickness of 1". There would have been slightly more length without the hard impact fracture to the tip--another 3/16", likely, and if there were a number of sharpenings to get to this stage, then there could have been 5" or more of hornstone to start with. Whatever the Woodland Culture hit, though, it was slammed hard enough to shatter the thick flint. That took more than a light tap, definitely. The small, pointed stem is edge-ground. Patina is excellent, every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00, and checks/ M.O.s are welcomed, either one with day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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