#45454--Early Archaic Bifurcate--Indiana



#45454--Early Archaic Bifurcate--Indiana

#45454--Early Archaic Bifurcate--Indiana
#45454--Early Archaic Bifurcate--Indiana
#45454--Early Archaic Bifurcate--Indiana

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A special note for the "Troll of Arrowheads.Com"--also known as Jeremy--who lives in a southern state--get off my store, I've had enough of your adding to cart and cancelling the cart--this piece has been added FORTY times now. That's a sickness, guy, you need help---and JOHN needs to fix the cart system so you can't keep doing this Myself I'd classify this bifurcate in the LeCroy cluster--not many sharpenings of the blade, though, there isn't much serration at this stage. The very thin hornstone Early Archaic measures 2&13/ 16" by 1&1/4", but only 1/4" max thickness--out of the Spencer--Perry County, Indiana, area along the Ohio River. The base shows some edge grinding, but not heavy except on the outer edges of the stem. Patina is obvious, the modern flake-off on the tip shows the darker, freshly exposed hornstone. The piece was this way when it came to me, so I can't tell if it's plow-made, or maybe the finder dinged it after it was found--still a VERY well made Early Archaic point, guaranteed authentic. Shipping is $4.00 in the U.S., checks welcomed, and day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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