#45436--Indiana flint Adz for dug out canoes



#45436--Indiana flint Adz for dug out canoes

#45436--Indiana flint Adz for dug out canoes
#45436--Indiana flint Adz for dug out canoes
#45436--Indiana flint Adz for dug out canoes
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My old artifact hunting partner sold me this Adz from his collection a few years back, a find from Posey or Vanderburgh County, Indiana. The material is a tan Jasper river cobble with some of the river-worn cortex still showing(rust colored). My best guess is that the 5" long Adz is Mississippian Culture, a piece he came up with from a site along the Ohio River. On the bit you can feel wear polish from dug-out canoe-making, which was the general purpose these woodworking tools were made for--the flake scars across the bit as really worn smooth.The heel was shaped so that the handle attachment ran up the smooth cortex of the jasper, and about 1/3rd of the way towards the bit you can feel edge polishing where sinew (or leather) straps held the handle in place--those are about the only smooth spots on the blade edges. A very neat piece, lifetime guaranteed authentic in every detail. Shipping in the U,S< is $5.00, and checks welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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