#45423--Creek found Kentucky Pickwick



#45423--Creek found Kentucky Pickwick

#45423--Creek found Kentucky Pickwick
#45423--Creek found Kentucky Pickwick
#45423--Creek found Kentucky Pickwick
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One very good sized creek found Pickwick point from the creeks in one of the Kentucky counties around Henderson. Under all the tan patination the flint is gray hornstone, slightly over 3&7/8" by slightly over 1&3/8"--3/8" thickness. The only damage is one torque fracture to a basal corner--totally patinated, as is the lifetime guaranteed body of the Mid-to-Late Archaic point type.Note one barb is longer than the opposite one, but both are fully intact. As with the vast majority of these later Archaic Period point types, there is no basal edge grinding, and looking at the LARGE flake scars you know this was a percussion flaked knife--some of the base and blade dge work is more refined pressure chipping, but look at those large flakes that formed the central ridge. The point was found at the beginning of March, a very fresh find. Shipping in the U.S> is $4.00, with checks preferred--day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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