#44325--Creek found Copena, Kentucky



#44325--Creek found Copena, Kentucky

#44325--Creek found Copena, Kentucky
#44325--Creek found Copena, Kentucky
#44325--Creek found Copena, Kentucky
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Out of Union or Webster County, Kentucky creeks, this hornstone Copena--before the small tip break was one high grade Copena--it still measures 3&1/16" by 1&1/4", and only 5/16" thickness in the very center---thins to 1/4" toward tip and base. One face shows a channel flake from the impact fracture that snapped the tip. Note the slight cut-in on the upper blade edge where the flint is much darker. Some use polished the edge right in that spot, not exactly a shaft abrader, but some use that caused the sharp edge to wear smooth. Price includes any shipping cost, and checks or M.O.s receive day after receipt shipping--Roy A.

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