#44215--Kentucky Dovetail, ancient tip impact



#44215--Kentucky Dovetail, ancient tip impact

#44215--Kentucky Dovetail, ancient tip impact
#44215--Kentucky Dovetail, ancient tip impact
#44215--Kentucky Dovetail, ancient tip impact
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A Hopkins (or Muhlenberg) County, Kentucky Dovetail, hornstone, 3&13/16"--except for an Early Archaic tip impact fracture the piece would have been 4&1/16", but following that fracture the tip was salvaged (see the small serrations along the side of the tip)-the big knife stayed in use without the need to shorten & bevel it more. The tip shows use polish, so there was some function besides being a knife, it became a buffing tool. The finder worked his way along the Pond River as it continually zig-zagged the border between two counties, very nicely patinated by water, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the cost (inside the U.S. only), nothing additional, and checks or M.O>s are preferred--Roy A.

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