#44069--Lost Lake Preform knife (Cobbs knife)



#44069--Lost Lake Preform knife (Cobbs knife)

#44069--Lost Lake Preform knife (Cobbs knife)
#44069--Lost Lake Preform knife (Cobbs knife)
#44069--Lost Lake Preform knife (Cobbs knife)
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A VERY high grade Cobbs knife from the Madisonville, Kentucky, area. Material is a light colored Ft. Payne Flint--the sheen tells you it's a fairly high silicate form of that flint, measures 4&1/8" by 1&15/16", caliper reads thickness slightly over 5/16", and very uniform in the thickness...read that as very decent symmetry. Both blade edges have excellent bevel sharpening. About the only thing that would keep this Cobbs from a grade nine is a small modern flake-off on one basal corner--otherwise a solid "9". Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, no extra costs, and checks are preferred, same day-after-receipt shipping as with money orders--Roy A.

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