#44031--Creekfound Kentucky Beaver Tail Adena



#44031--Creekfound Kentucky Beaver Tail Adena

#44031--Creekfound Kentucky Beaver Tail Adena
#44031--Creekfound Kentucky Beaver Tail Adena
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A reaaaally long 'tail" on this Adena--it's 2&5/8" of hornstone as-is, but unless the piece started with one long blade it has a hafting area that's a long percentage of the overall length. The Adena knapper must have started with a slightly curved uniface flake as the center of the reverse side is smooth, only some fine edge work chipping.While the top face looks beveled, it may be that the knapper worked with the length and thickness his preform allowed--it may not be ancient sharpening, just the flint shape he had. There is some wear/ use to the very tip. The piece comes from Henderson County, Kentucky, guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, checks are preferred, day-after-receipt shipping, same as with M.O.s--Roy A.

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