#44010--Indiana Three Quarter Groove Axe



#44010--Indiana Three Quarter Groove Axe

#44010--Indiana Three Quarter Groove Axe
#44010--Indiana Three Quarter Groove Axe
#44010--Indiana Three Quarter Groove Axe
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Yeah, the Axe has seen a few plow seasons, 100% guaranteed authentic, though. The axe is Mid Archaic Culture, Gibson or Pike County, Indiana, along the Patoka River Drainage--in this area that translates to the culture that produced so many Matanzas--Brewerton Atl Atl points (and TONS of Blunts), circa 6500 YBP. Material is glacial quartz family 2&5/8" by 2&3/8", 1&1/2" thickness.. If you've ever hunted a Mid Archaic site you know how much sheer stone debitage those peoples hauled in. Walk barefooted at your own risk. Shipping is included with the price, and checks receive day-after-receipt shipping, same as money orders--Roy A.

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