#44860--Creek found Indiana Pinetree-COLOR



#44860--Creek found Indiana Pinetree-COLOR

#44860--Creek found Indiana Pinetree-COLOR
#44860--Creek found Indiana Pinetree-COLOR
#44860--Creek found Indiana Pinetree-COLOR
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NOT BROKEN, this Warrick or Spencer County, Indiana, creek-found Pinetree is made of the type Holland (Indiana) flint found in the area creeks1&7/8" by 1&1/16", slightly over 1/4" thickness.The tip is deep red, likely from creek mineral stain, as Holland flint doesn't heat treat too well (shatters, generally).. The Early Archaic hunter sharpened the blade any number of times, blade edges are very in-curvate. The basal edge was modified after the initial manufacture, the longer side of the stem shows basal grinding, but when the piece was re-hafted it was beveled on one side--either to touch up damage, or to fit whatever new wood shaft was being 'fit". Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, checks or M.O.s each receive day after receipt shipping--Roy A.

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