#44831-Three Indiana Late Paleo,free shipping



#44831-Three Indiana Late Paleo,free shipping

#44831-Three Indiana Late Paleo,free shipping
#44831-Three Indiana Late Paleo,free shipping
#44831-Three Indiana Late Paleo,free shipping
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Some decent medium size points from a collection gathered in Warrick and Spencer County, Indiana. The oldest is the 2&1/8" Late Paleo Beaver Lake, off-white Derby (Indiana) chalcedony. This one was glued onto a red felt covered board so long some of the material stained the flint. I've scrubbed 90% of it off, but likely some will never be fully cleaned. Lateral edge grinding is heavy. Either this was originally a much longer piece or the medial ridge stack was un-workable, so the total thickness is 7/16"--a dart point, not a lance.The smallest point(1&1/2") is a fossil chert Eastern Stemmed Lanceolate, heavily sharpened down, obviously--once again, lateral edge grinding is heavy. The third point is a Dalton, slight auricle damage, almost 1&9/16", concave base, ground and heavily thinned on both faces. One not:, the very tip has some later period salvage--it doesn't look modern, but it's definitely not Dalton Culture work, patina slightly changes, and knapping is percussion work, not pressure chipping. The pieces are all guaranteed authentic, and described as carefully as space permits. Free shipping, checks or M.O.s welcomed--Roy A.

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