#44798--Kentucky Snyders



#44798--Kentucky Snyders

#44798--Kentucky Snyders
#44798--Kentucky Snyders
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From a Hancokc County, Kentucky, colletion, points found along the Ohio River.The flint looks to be Burlington, but it's waaaaay east for Burlington to show up, it seldom was used east of the Wabash River/ Ohio river confluence,, where gray hornstone became the dominant flint used, even by the Hopewell--so this could be some white flint local deposit, or a point that was traded into the area. Length is 2&1/8" by a wide 1&11/13"--likely a much longer point that was salvaged in continued usage.--CLASSIC Snyders form, lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping included, checks or M.O.s each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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