#44787--E.Archaic Full Groove Axe, Indiana



#44787--E.Archaic Full Groove Axe, Indiana

#44787--E.Archaic Full Groove Axe, Indiana
#44787--E.Archaic Full Groove Axe, Indiana
#44787--E.Archaic Full Groove Axe, Indiana
#44787--E.Archaic Full Groove Axe, Indiana

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A Vanderburgh County, Indiana, found Early Archaic Full Groove Axe, some 7500 YBP--material is a river carried glacial granite 4&1/4" by 3&3/16",1&7/8" thick form. This was a field find, so there are some light plow scratches. The slightly flatter face has a couple of ground-smooth areas in front of and behind the groove ring--could have been from wedges sued to hold the ax head firmly in place--these don't look like the "door stop" grind marks you see on some axes farm families caused by using the artifacts as the name implies (I've seen axes ground smooth on one side, sadly). The piece is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the cost, and checks or M.O>s each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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