#44715--Creek found salvaged Paleo/ Dalton



#44715--Creek found salvaged Paleo Dalton

#44715--Creek found salvaged Paleo Dalton
#44715--Creek found salvaged Paleo Dalton
#44715--Creek found salvaged Paleo Dalton
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Found in one of the counties around Henderson, Kentucky, few years back, a 1&7/8" strongly patinated creek find...but is it an unfluted Cumberland (or Beaver Lake), or is it a Dalton Hemphill? Over the course of four or five years I've pulled this piece from its display case, puzzled over it I bet fifty times. As you look at the base, the transverse flaking, feel the VERY strong edge-base grinding you start checking off point-typing characteristics. Had the tip not been salvaged to fashion a drill, maybe it would have been an easy classification--not now.Was the piece originally a Paleo Beaver Lake/ Unfluted Cumberland, salvaged by a slightly later Dalton Culture--or was use--reuse done by the same culture? All those times of studying the piece, I'm no closer to answers than when the creek hunter first brought the piece to me. It's real, and it's fascinating. Shipping comes with the price, checks or M.O.s each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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