#44714--Indiana found Boyles chert Kirk C.N.



#44714--Indiana found Boyles chert Kirk C.N.

#44714--Indiana found Boyles chert Kirk C.N.
#44714--Indiana found Boyles chert Kirk C.N.
#44714--Indiana found Boyles chert Kirk C.N.
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Out of the south east corner of Indiana, across from west Louisville, Ky, this Early Archaic Cornernotched Kirk is made of a semi-translucent heat-treated Boyles chert The Kirk is 2&5/16" by 1&3/8", yet thickness barely goes over 1/4" max--back-lighting shows the nearly translucent nature of this high end "flint".The snap-off of the stem has a ground smooth feel, so the piece continued in usage after the stem was broken. The shortened barb was also ground smooth. Patination is excellent, very high quality Early Archaic flintknapping. Free shipping, day-after-receipt shipping for checks or M.O>s--Roy A.

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