#44677--HUGE Kentucky Morrow Mountain



#44677--HUGE Kentucky Morrow Mountain

#44677--HUGE Kentucky Morrow Mountain
#44677--HUGE Kentucky Morrow Mountain
#44677--HUGE Kentucky Morrow Mountain
#44677--HUGE Kentucky Morrow Mountain
#44677--HUGE Kentucky Morrow Mountain
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My caliper reads 5&15/16" on this hornstone Morrow Mountain point that was found along the Ohio River in Hancock or neighboring Kentucky county. One note--some similar Morrow Mountain points have been found at Crib Mound (years past as that famous site was rocked-over by a coal loading dock)--in Spencer County, Indiana, just down the river. This point's width is 1&11/16", and thickness is 9/16" max. The blade may have had minimal sharpening, but based on the rounded tip it saw use--wear--also the photo should show the most minor of nicks on the barb ends.One other way to be sure the big knife was hafted is the sheen on the flint surface where the handle attached--again, close up photo should show that slight rubbing. The big knife is made of a Kentucky grade of Hornstone, it it had been Indiana-quarried hornstone it would be dark grey. Patination is excellent, every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the listed price, and checks or M.O.s will receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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