#44648--Creekfound Kentucky Benton, very thin



#44648--Creekfound Kentucky Benton, very thin

#44648--Creekfound Kentucky Benton, very thin
#44648--Creekfound Kentucky Benton, very thin
#44648--Creekfound Kentucky Benton, very thin
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A 3&3/16" by 1&1/16", only 1/4" thick Benton from Henderson county, Kentucky creekbeds--the piece is made of Indiana Hornstone, a very slight bit of limestone cortex on the tip. Note how the tip was narrowed in sharpen-and-use cycles--there was some secondary purpose for the tip area on this hafted knife that involved the HEAVILY buffed tip. Whatever the purpose, it rubbed the very tip to the point where there are no sharp edges to the tip. A small shaft scraping edge was double-indented on one blade edge, too--two different sizes were cut into the edge, and some work polish can be felt.There is a small ding on one basal corner, but that's about the only damage. Patina is "no-brainer", every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and checks or M.O..s each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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