#44570--Ten Kentucky arrows off Panther Creek



#44570--Ten Kentucky arrows off Panther Creek

#44570--Ten Kentucky arrows off Panther Creek
#44570--Ten Kentucky arrows off Panther Creek
#44570--Ten Kentucky arrows off Panther Creek
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A group of ten dart points and hafted knives from the collection of a long deceased farmer living along Panther Creek, Daviess County, Kentucky The longest id grey hornstone2&3/8", the smallest is a red Jasper at just over 1&1/8". One piece to note is the Early Archaic Corner notch with the unusual tip salvage work--I've seen very few dart points where impact fractures "rebuilt" the tip. Sharp, too, one decent piece of Kirk Culture workmanship. A couple of the Mid-to-Late Archaic points are made of a Yellow Jasper--these may be a river cobble material.The 1.5" tan chert point is in the Decatur family, very strong basal grinding. A smaller point 1.25", is made of a semi-translucent material, Hopewell, based of the chipping pattern. ALL are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and checks/ M.O.s each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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