#44569--Creek found Kentucky Adena-PATINA



#44569--Creek found Kentucky Adena-PATINA

#44569--Creek found Kentucky Adena-PATINA
#44569--Creek found Kentucky Adena-PATINA
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A product of the creeks in the Henderson, Kentucky, area, hornstone, 2&3/4" by 1&5/16",3/8" max thickness. As with a lot of creek finds, this Adena was in place (one side down, one side up) for centuries. The under face is considerably darker than the sand-washed face--almost burnished on the one side.There is no real damage to the knife, but the very obvious sharpen-and-use cycles took away more material on the more used cutting face than the opposite side--think of a steel knife, you generally only sharpen one blade edge, and mounted in a somewhat curved deer antler that "top" cafe wouldn't have been used much. Every detail of the piece is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and checks or M.O>s each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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