#44536--Creek found 3.7" Turkey Tail, Kentucky



#44536--Creek found 3.7" Turkey Tail, Kentucky

#44536--Creek found 3.7" Turkey Tail, Kentucky
#44536--Creek found 3.7" Turkey Tail, Kentucky
#44536--Creek found 3.7" Turkey Tail, Kentucky
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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which side of the Late Arachaic Turkey Tail was face-down on a gravel bar, tannins in the water stained the side almost black--the "up sode" shows heavily patinated hornstone, the color you'd expect. The Henderson County, Kentucky, creek had to have iron in the water, too, as the bit of limestone cortex forming the beveled tail is stained red. There is some grinding on the lower parts of the stem, but it doesn't extend much past the cortex area. There were several sharpen-and-use cycles, the blade showing it was reduced from stage one--a "working knife", not a trophy. This was one of two Harrison-type Turkey Tails found only three feet apart; the second one doesn't show the blackening ( the acid from oak leaves) on the back.Length is 3&11/16" by 1&3/16", 7/16" max thickness. EVERY detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and checks/ M.O.s preferred, day-after-receipt shipping on either one--Roy A.

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