#44497--Indiana hornstone 1.7" Kirk Cornerntch



#44497--Indiana hornstone 1.7" Kirk Cornerntch

#44497--Indiana hornstone 1.7" Kirk Cornerntch
#44497--Indiana hornstone 1.7" Kirk Cornerntch
#44497--Indiana hornstone 1.7" Kirk Cornerntch
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How many sharpen-and-use cycles this Kirk Cornernotch went through, possibly only the great Greg Perino could have told you--that stack showing on one face, that thick spot was well below the center of what was a long blade. The "form" was kept intact as the hornstone blade was sharpened, though--no sign of beveling, so that clearly marks this as a Kirk, not a Lost Lake. The point comes from the Knox--Vigo County, Indiana, area,1&11/16" by 1&5/15" of hornstone--may have been a sixteenth wider if not for the use-made chip at the end of that shorter barb--decent basal grinding--sometimes Kirks worked their basal edges, sometimes not. They did on this piece. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and personal checks welcomed, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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