#44470--Illinois Stone Square Stem,G-9, COA



#44470--Illinois Stone Square Stem,G-9, COA

#44470--Illinois Stone Square Stem,G-9, COA
#44470--Illinois Stone Square Stem,G-9, COA
#44470--Illinois Stone Square Stem,G-9, COA
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A part of my personal collection for probably fifteen years, this southern Illinois Stone Square Stem is ex Mac Ashman collection, somewhere in the Jefferson County, Illinois, area. The finders' name is on the I.D. tag from years back. The COA was issued by Jerry Dickey some years ago. The points are generally considered Late Archaic Culture, and can be large, as is this Hornstone (or Cobden) flint piece, caliper reads 4&1/2" by 1&7/8", but the piece is very thin for its size 7/16" in the center.. The sides of the stem are dulled, but not the basal edge, the tip shows almost a bit of bevel from sharpen-and-use cycles. One shoulder shows a bit of a "shave-off", but that's the only damage. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Ships free inside the U.S. only. Checks or M.O>s are much preferred, day-after-receipt shipping with either one--Roy A.

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