#44454--Full Groove "pocket" Axe--Indiana



#44454--Full Groove "pocket" Axe--Indiana

#44454--Full Groove "pocket" Axe--Indiana
#44454--Full Groove "pocket" Axe--Indiana
#44454--Full Groove "pocket" Axe--Indiana
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An "old timer", one of which I seem to be becoming one, told me the name came from an artifact you carried around in your pocket, i.e. small enough that you carried it around simply because you could, and because it was visually a decent piece of stone. This Early Archaic Axe is from a collector deceased for the last thirty years, Vanderburgh County, Indiana. It's very obviously a field find, several plow-made scratches, but a really defined bit edge, heavily polished behind the bit for 1". Material is glacial carried granite,3&1/8" by 2&1/8", thickness of 1&3/8". Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, and checks or M.O.s are appreciated, day-after-receipt shipping on either one--Roy A.

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