#44444--Trio of Kentucky Atl Atl darts



#44444--Trio of Kentucky Atl Atl darts

#44444--Trio of Kentucky Atl Atl darts
#44444--Trio of Kentucky Atl Atl darts
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Part of a collection gathered in the Henderson--Daviess County, Kentucky Ohio River flood plain, two are different shades of grey hornstone2", and 1.5" respectively on the longer Kirk Serrated and the Table Rock; 1&11/16" on the Mid Archaic Culture (6500YBP) Brewerton Side Notched/ Matanzas Cluster made from a chert or red Jasper.from a "Shell Main" along the Ohio River. These were the perfect size for the Atl Atl 4' darts, they seem to be withing a very narrow length range with may have to do with weight more than length. ALl are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping comes with the price, nothing additional, and checks or M.O.s are appreciated, day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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