#44419--Group of eight Hafted Scrapers/ Blunts



#44419--Group of eight Hafted Scrapers Blunts

#44419--Group of eight Hafted Scrapers Blunts
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Price includes any shipping on this group of southwest Indiana Blunts--Vanderburgh, Gibson, and Warrick Counties. The three to the top left are Early Archaic, show basal grinding, longest is a fossil chert 1&11/16", the larger grey hornstone with the rounded notches I "think" was Hopewell, the flaking is too percussion, not pressure work (Woodland Culture). The bottom row are each (4) Middle Archaic, something like 6500 YBP, and a culture that's heavily represented in southern Indiana, northern Kentucky, western Illinois. These peoples could litter a site with their Hafted Scrapers, they made (or salvaged) so many. Neat pieces, all are lifetime guaranteed authentic. Checks or M.O.s will each receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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