#44406--Fifty S.W. Indiana arrowheads



#44406--Fifty S.W. Indiana arrowheads

#44406--Fifty S.W. Indiana arrowheads
#44406--Fifty S.W. Indiana arrowheads
#44406--Fifty S.W. Indiana arrowheads
#44406--Fifty S.W. Indiana arrowheads
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A large group of "arrowheads" from sites along the White River, southwest Indiana--Counties of Daviess, Gibson, Pike, and Knox. Some were in their 'later stages' when lost, meaning they'd been used-and-sharpened to where most of the blade length was too reduced for cutting. Not perfect, sure, but each is 100% real. Any additional info about point types, flints used, or age/ function I can answer, please feel free to click on the "Ask seller a question". SHIPPING is an additional $8.00 for Priority Mail. I really, really, really prefer checks or money orders, will ship out the day after the payment is received--Roy A.

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