#43357--Creek found large Kentucky Adena



#43357--Creek found large Kentucky Adena

#43357--Creek found large Kentucky Adena
#43357--Creek found large Kentucky Adena
#43357--Creek found large Kentucky Adena
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A creek find, the heavy staining will quickly tell you, from either Henderson or a neighboring county, Kentucky. The flint is a decent grade of hornstone that measures a strong 3.75" by 1.25", VERY symmetrical in thickness, max thickness reaches .375" (3/8"). The tip shows some ancient use that caused a chip off the side of the tip, now stained by algae to a uniform green. The "beaver tail" has edge grinding, typical of Ohio River Valley Adena points. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic, period. Shipping is included, no extra cost, and payment (as always) preferred to be by check or M.O., day-after-receipt shipping with either one--Roy A.

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