#43900--Creek found Dovetail, great patina



#43900--Creek found Dovetail, great patina

#43900--Creek found Dovetail, great patina
#43900--Creek found Dovetail, great patina
#43900--Creek found Dovetail, great patina
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The close-up of the tip should show the use- blunting of the end, multiple chips used, so you know it wasn't a simple break. Plus, there is work-polish to the tip where the piece was used as a Hafted Scraper--obviously there was plenty of cutting blade left so that a pointed tip could have been fashioned, but use dictated they needed a scraping tool more than a pointed knife. The Hornstone Dovetail comes from the Henderson, Kentucky, area, 2&1/2" by 1&7/16". The width-length ratio tells you that sharpening took away considerable length over the useful life--left some great beveled edges.The tip shows where (and how) the creek find was positioned when found, poked into the mud. Shipping is $4.00 (in the U.S.), and checks receive day after receipt shipping, same as M.O>s--Roy A.

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