#43900--Creek found Kentucky Dovetail



#43900--Creek found Kentucky Dovetail

#43900--Creek found Kentucky Dovetail
#43900--Creek found Kentucky Dovetail
#43900--Creek found Kentucky Dovetail
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The close-up of the tip should show the use- blunting of the end, multiple chips used, so you know it wasn't a simple break. Plus, there is work-polish to the tip where the piece was used as a Hafted Scraper--obviously there was plenty of cutting blade left so that a pointed tip could have been fashioned, but use dictated they needed a scraping tool more than a pointed knife. The Hornstone Dovetail comes from the Henderson, Kentucky, area, 2&1/2" by 1&7/16". The width-length ratio tells you that sharpening took away considerable length over the useful life--left some great beveled edges.The tip shows where (and how) the creek find was positioned when found, poked into the mud. Price includes any cost to ship the piece, and checks receive day after receipt shipping, same as M.O>s--Roy A.

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