#43835--Creekfound Kentucky Pinetree



#43835--Creekfound Kentucky Pinetree

#43835--Creekfound Kentucky Pinetree
#43835--Creekfound Kentucky Pinetree
#43835--Creekfound Kentucky Pinetree
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A Hopkins or Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, creek (or Pond River) find, this Pinetree is made from a really patinated Hornstone--2&1/8" by 1&7/17". Barbs and basal corners are intact, but a slight Early Archaic chip off the very tip. Excellent toning to the flint. The light basal grinding tells you this was really close to the Kirk Cornernotch points in the Early Archaic. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. Shipping (U.S.) is $4.00, checks receive day-after-receipt shipping, same as M.O.s--Roy A.

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