#43758--Sonora Kirk Stemmed-bifurcated



#43758--Sonora Kirk Stemmed-bifurcated

#43758--Sonora Kirk Stemmed-bifurcated
#43758--Sonora Kirk Stemmed-bifurcated
#43758--Sonora Kirk Stemmed-bifurcated
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Price: $29.00
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More times being sharpened than I could count, this Kirk Stemmed-Bifurcate is made of a dark Sonora flint 2&1/4" in length 1&1/8" width, 1/4" thickness. The last owner said he got the piece with a Webster County, Kentucky, collection but there was no tags to say whether this was a creek or field find. There is no modern damage, simply some usage-made chips on one basal corner and barb--the very smallest of chips off the tip, too, likely the Kirk had a needle tip at one point in time. Both the color, the quartz crystal inclusion, and the excellent serrations make the piece, though, every detail being lifetime guaranteed authentic. $29 includes the shipping, and checks or M.O.s receive day-after-receipt shipping--Roy A.

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