#43622--Indiana Adena Blunt/ Scraper group



#43622--Indiana Adena Blunt Scraper group

#43622--Indiana Adena Blunt Scraper group
#43622--Indiana Adena Blunt Scraper group
#43622--Indiana Adena Blunt Scraper group
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A group of six Adena Hafted Scrapers (Blunts) from several southwest Indiana counties, Daviess, Knox, and Gibson. All are made of Indiana Hornstone, the longest being the 2" Beaver Tail in the center. Five have fully-formed blunted ends, the sixth has the micro fracturing on the leading edge to show it was also used as a hafted scraper--it has a shaft-abrades indented into the side so it was multi-purpose. Every piece is lifetime guaranteed authentic, period. Shipping is free, and payment preferred by check or M.O., day-after-receipt shipping on either one--Roy A.

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