#42380--Creek found Kentucky Benton



#42380--Creek found Kentucky Benton

#42380--Creek found Kentucky Benton
#42380--Creek found Kentucky Benton
#42380--Creek found Kentucky Benton
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A very balanced Mid Archaic Culture Benton point from the Henderson, Kentucky, area--3&1/4" by 1", a uniform 3/8" center (medial) thickness. The closest I can type the flint is as the local (McLean County outcrop) form of Saint Louis Green flint--higher silicate levels nearer the base than at the tip. The tip has an ancient chip to it, found this way; no other damage. Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. SHIPPING is $4.00, so the total cost is $79.00, and checks or M.O>s are preferred, day-after-receipt shipping--paypal accepted--Roy A.

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