#42242--Indiana E-Notch Thebes blunted drill



#42242--Indiana E-Notch Thebes blunted drill

#42242--Indiana E-Notch Thebes blunted drill
#42242--Indiana E-Notch Thebes blunted drill
#42242--Indiana E-Notch Thebes blunted drill
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First impressions aren't always right--the tip on this E-notch proved to be blunted, not broken, and the same true for the shorter wing--blunted. Sometimes, you quickly sort through a frame of flint and dismiss something as broken--not always. The basal lobe of this Thebes form was knapped in to the limestone cortex of the hornstone-it is NOT restoration. There is a small notch on the bottom of the cortex corner--very likely the indention was to fit the shape of the blade's handle, it isn't damage.The 2&9/16" Early Archaic drill' blunt comes from the Spencer--Perry County, Indiana, area, guaranteed authentic. SHIPPING is $4,.00, with checks or M.O>s preferred over paypal, no holding periods on checks--Roy A.

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