#42239--Mill Creek Spade Hoe, Mississippian



#42239--Mill Creek Spade Hoe, Mississippian

#42239--Mill Creek Spade Hoe, Mississippian
#42239--Mill Creek Spade Hoe, Mississippian
#42239--Mill Creek Spade Hoe, Mississippian
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A find from the southwest corner of Indiana, Posey or Gibson County, made from Illinois Mill Creek chert--the favorite of the Mississippian Culture farmers in the Ohio River Valley. The smaller size spade (or hoe) measures 4&13/16" by 2&7/8" across the heavily polished bit; proportional thickness at 13/16". The incurvate upper edges show where lashings attached a handle to the implement, made it a fine in-row corn weeding tool. Sandy river plain soils polished the bit to a high shine--the face of the hoe that impacted the soil first (so you know how they hafted the tool). Every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic, period. SHIPPING included-- personal checks or M.O.s are much preferred over paypal--no holding periods on checks--Roy A.

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