# 42546--KY/TN Decatur



# 42546--KYTN Decatur

# 42546--KYTN Decatur
# 42546--KYTN Decatur
# 42546--KYTN Decatur
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From the Clarksville, Tennessee, area, but the collection coming from southern Kentucky and TN, sometimes with points from a collection all you get is general area where the hunter found the group. This Decatur is made of a Ft. Payne flint 1&15/16" by 1&1/4". The base is as heavily ground as any Decatur I've ever held, they really polished it. Even though serrated, the point is in an early stage, the blade edges still ex-curvate, not sharpened to a triangular form. Both barbs are chipped, ancient damage to each, but the needle tip is intact--and very sharp. The field find was never cleaned, soil still attached to the reverse side. The piece is ex G.Noel, lifetime guaranteed authentic. SHIPPING is $4.00, so the total cost is $34.00, with checks or M.O>s preferred, day-after-receipt shipping with either one; paypal accepted--Roy A.

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