AH# 40689--Creekfound bone hairpin, Kentucky



AH# 40689--Creekfound bone hairpin, Kentucky

AH# 40689--Creekfound bone hairpin, Kentucky
AH# 40689--Creekfound bone hairpin, Kentucky
AH# 40689--Creekfound bone hairpin, Kentucky
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Found in Daviess County, Kentucky, along Panther Creek some years back, and one of the few bone pieces I've seen that doesn't have the calcium mineral build-up from a rockshelter--that factor tells me this was washed from a HEAVY calcium bed of mussel shells...note the slight etching of the surface due to the mussels--what would have been a very glossy surface is sort of pitted. The tip is HEAVILY polished on this split legbone from a deer,4&7/16" by 5/16", about 1/8" thickness. At one time there must have been a drilled hole in the piece that broke, was re-ground to smooth any rough edges--OR perhaps there was a handle attached to the end, what looks like a hole was ground to make the piece fit a handle. One note, I called the piece a hairpin, but someone else might view this as an Awl or needle. The only damage is a small chip-off on the top end edge, could have been from usage or a rodent some long years back. Thepiece is lifetime guaranteed authentic, period. SHIPPING is $4.00, so the total cost is $49.00, with checks or M.O.s preferred, paypal accepted--Roy A.

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