AH# 40688--Creekfound Indiana Thebes



AH# 40688--Creekfound Indiana Thebes

AH# 40688--Creekfound Indiana Thebes
AH# 40688--Creekfound Indiana Thebes
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A Dubois County, Indiana, Thebes that looks to be made from Indiana Green flint (Attica flint/ chert). Southwestern Indiana is a good distance outside the distribution range for the flint, so either the piece was traded-in, or some Thebes Culture hunter roamed a long way from northwest Indiana (Lafayette, IN, area).. Length is 2&1/4" by 1&7/16", the great number of Early Archaic sharpenings of the blade very obvious. The tip is blunted for use as a hafted scraper.. Mineralization is excellent, every detail is lifetime guaranteed authentic. SHIPPING is $4.00, so the total cost is $29.00, with checks or M.O.s preferred, paypal accepted--Roy A.

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