AH# 40687--Creekfound Indiana with a red tail



AH# 40687--Creekfound Indiana with a red tail

AH# 40687--Creekfound Indiana with a red tail
AH# 40687--Creekfound Indiana with a red tail
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The bit of limestone cortex on the tail of the Indiana hornstone Adena stem was stained red by iron content in the creek water--it gives the Adena a bit of distinction. The overall length is 2&7/8" by 1&1/4". Length was slightly reduced by an old salvage to the tip. Note the point was lost by the Adena hunter, then reused by a later culture--chips to the tip and an edge impact fracture are far less patinated, but absolutely NOT new. Neat piece, lifetime guaranteed authentic. SHIPPING is $4.00, with checks or M.O.s preferred, paypal accepted--Roy A.

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