Serrated Leaf River



Serrated Leaf River

Serrated Leaf River
Serrated Leaf River
Serrated Leaf River
Serrated Leaf River
Serrated Leaf River
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Dimensions:1 716" by 34"

This is the Leaf River form of the San Patrice. It is basally thinned with two or three channel flakes on each side with light grinding. Edges show heavy use wear. There is an ancient nick to the base. It was found near the Leaf River in Mississippi. It has Bennett's COA. I have the shipping.

"By the beginning of the Holocene, some of these migratory people referred to as the San Patrice Culture began to dwell in increasing numbers along low-lying river systems in East Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Eastern Oklahoma. These early Americans adapted to new resources and vegetation and reformed their hunting strategies to deal with different game. The disappearance of the boreal forest made a less mobile lifestyle possible. This helped to lead the change from the Paleo Period into the Archaic." Request and copy and I will send it with your purchase. Unfortunately, I only mentioned the Leaf River Variety of the culture. Most of the article is about the Hope, St. Johns, and Keithville.

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